Welcome to my blog.


I’m Su. Saturdays are traditionally my clumsiest days. My family members approach Saturdays with trepidation, ensuring that I’m far from delicate wine glasses and that I avoid carrying a stack of dinner plates to the table. But I’m not just awkward around tall glasses and slippery dessert bowls. I have clumsy life moments too.

I was tired of creating speech-length status updates on Facebook and decided that I needed somewhere else to spill and break things.
I think Life offers us ample opportunity for clumsiness. And grace. It offers us the space to tip things over, pick up the pieces and also to grab something that is split seconds away from disaster – with ninja-like reflexes.

There will be plenty of angst here, some awe, a fair amount of drama, musings and sometimes just the odd human observation. Because life and people are just that weird. Welcome to my blog.


One thought on “Welcome to my blog.

  1. dassie says:

    To be clumsy,and know that you are,is a gift.You embrace that moment and move on with
    a big smile.

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