2012, take a hint.


2012 was a year that many will be glad to see escorted out of the building.

Hinduism tells us that there are four stages that the world goes through and that we are in the last stage – Kali Yuga – the stage that basically sees the spiritual degeneration of human civilization. Word in the universe is that we’re heading to a golden age and that the perpetual stink that was the 432 000-year-old Kali Yuga is now over. Hmmm…I don’t know if there is really such a thing as a ‘Golden Age’. Maybe we’ve just gone too far to unlearn the stuff that embarrasses our own sense of humanity.

I hate it when people say, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” I don’t want to come near to death to feel stronger. I don’t want to catch a glimpse of my inner power by having it nearly snuffed out. And I certainly don’t want to have my heart broken again so that it becomes a wiser heart.

Stuff will always happen. Disappointments and heartache will always arrive without a bottle of Merlot. And maybe we’ll repeat the mistakes we’re not supposed to. 2012 damn well nearly sent my ashes over to the Ganges. I’m tired. We’re all tired. And while we all want to be stronger humans, we also just want to breathe deep and let go.

They say that this so-called ‘golden age’ is actually about truthfulness and compassion. I don’t mind this. We all need more of this. And I’m sure we all don’t mind the learnings. But maybe in 2013 they can have better packaging.

In 2013, may we all have some reprieve from the drama and may we all get a turn – to meet our Ryan Goslings, to do that back flip, to make people at work proud, be safe and healthy, have our space in the limelight, lie on the beach, make more cash, clean out the cupboards…and eat bread and not feel 7 months pregnant. May we all go through next year just feeling a bit better about everything. And may we have our faith in humanity restored without destroying it for others.

2013, I’m not fazed by the unluckiness your aura already seems to exude. I know you will be different. Or…maybe you won’t. Maybe we will be different.

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